Podcast Business Journal Launched – YP45

Newly launches, the Podcast Business Journal is the latest podcast newsletter and website to emerge, featuring a familiar name, Todd Cochrane. Why do you podcast? Not everyone is in the podcasting game for the same reason and we discuss some of those scenarios. We tell you why you might not want to take a holiday break, we give some reasons on why you should stick around when everyone else is taking off. Last but not least, help us help you, on this week's post-Thanksgiving episode of Your Podcast.

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Podcast Business Journal launches


Why do you podcast? Is it a hobby, to market your own products, because it's part of your job? Let us know the WHY behind your podcasting.
Taking a break for the holidays? We know it's tempting. Why this may not be a great idea, and we have reasons to back it up.


Podcasting terms 101:  Feed, “show”, episode, post, media file, listing, upload,  download, PUSH, PULL and many more. We could do a whole episode about terms that get mangled when someone talks about podcasting. Shawn, John, Dave and I will post a question that has mixed terms in it and all try to figure out what the person really meant. It’s really interesting what we get sometimes.
Blubrry terms 101: Account, listing, hosting/stats subscrition, etc. Can be a bit confusing as well.
Help us help you below!

READ the response you get from support all the way through. In most cases, we have covered your next question. Answer any questions support has, if you can. If you don’t know the answer, let us know that you at least read the question so we can clarify.
DON’T PANIC, it's important but it's just a podcast. Yes, it’s critical but the worst thing you can do is get in a hurry. 99% of issues can be fixed even if not right away.
We love to talk to you, BUT…..  please, do not put in a ticket, an email, a post on social AND call. Pick one (other than social media) and give us time to get to your question. This can cut down the time as we don’t have to sort through contacts that we have already taken care of.
Social media. It’s great for general questions and comments to the community but direct support is best done DIRECTLY. We can not discuss account specific questions on social. (Plus, we in support don’t have time to surf for questions on Facebook and the like 99% of the time).
As we said last episode. Be nice 😎 We will be nice to you.

To ask questions or to comment on the show, you can contact Todd or Mike here: yourpodcast@blubrry.com.