600,000 Podcasts and Growing! – YP40

Blubrry Podcasting recently hit another milestone, 600,000 shows in their podcast directory, and always growing! For those interested in the Apple industry, which is all podcasters in some sense, they have some new toys coming out this week and the rest of fall. We've got RSS feeds on the mind so we've explained different ways to create your RSS feed (and what is an RSS feed) at Blubrry. Todd is back from travel and they're talking about all things Blubrry and podcasting on this episode of Your Podcast.

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New from Apple: As always Apple has something they're releasing, this time it's iOS12, among other things.
600,000 shows: In the Blubrry Podcast Directory!
RSS Feeds: There are a few ways to create your podcast feed with Blubrry. Learn about them here.

1. PowerPress on your site (WordPress)
2. PowerPress on Blubrry WordPress Website (included in hosting)
3. Blubrry Publisher (Will have Blubrry in the name)
4. Podcast Mirror (Free feed service via Blubrry)

Dynamic Advertising Insertion System: In beta testing.
Switching things up: We've got a new voice on the Blubrry blog.
Want to work for Blubrry? Columbus office is looking for an administrative assistant for it's development team.
Who owns your podcast? Make sure it’s worked out with any co-host, employees/employers ahead of time. When things split up for whatever reason, it's best to have a plan.


Welcome our new technical support rep: Helping out nights and weekends, John Haskins.
Player images on the Blubrry player: Turn on the option in the “activate and configure now” area. Then upload the episode image to the spot provided in the Podcast Episode box (only works on PowerPress)
Episodic images: Where they show up and where they do not. See PHD Episode 109.
Directory times: Apple doesn’t show your new episode in the directory listing right away.  Normally 24 hours or less, but sometimes longer. Subscribe to your own show to make sure it’s working properly.
Show notes: DO NOT USE A WORD PROCESSOR and copy/paste your shownotes. It causes a LOT of trouble. Hidden symbols and such.

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