The FCC is Podcasting – YP39

The Federal Communications Commissions, better known as the FCC, has officially joined podcaster ranks with their own show, entitled More than Seven Dirty Words. A play on their role in communications, it focuses on the organization as a whole. Shawn Thorpe joined Mike on the episode today as Todd was out on travel. They discuss a new podcast event happening in Atlanta and podcast listener demographics.

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They regulate TV, radio, cable and wire and satellite communications and now they have a podcast. The FCC just released an episode of their show, More Than Seven Dirty Words.
A Pod Connection: Podcasting conference happening in Atlanta Oct 5 – 7th.
No surprise here, Millennials and Gen Xer's top the charts in podcasting listening. Check out the data from NextRadio.


Just who is Shawn Thorpe and how long has he been involved with Blubrry?


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