Music for Podcasts – YP28

Blubrry is proud to introduce a new way for podcasters to get 'pod-safe' music on their podcast. Soundcloud has added technology that everyone else has had for podcasts for the past 11 years. The world-famous podcast, Serial, is back in the news again; that is the case from season 1 is being talked about.

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Blubrry announces podcast music: and via SourceAudio
Soundcloud: Finally, a way yo schedule a release…something everyone else has had from the beginning.
Serial: All the way back from season 1 in 2014. Adnan Syed has been granted a new trial.


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Rebranding a poddcast: When is it time?


Changing the title of your podcast: The Feed Title setting in PowerPress will change it everywhere, but with some delay. Most things in podcasting are hardly instant.
Apple Podcast Subscribe Links and Buttons in PowerPress: You need to put the link to your listing in the 'Destinations' tab of PowerPress settings for Apple Podcasts option to show up in the Subscribe Widget.
Remember how RSS feeds works. They are a pull technology, not push. Directories (even Blubrry) update when they pull your feed, not right after you publish a show.

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