2018 Infinite Dial Report Out – YP27

The yearly Infinite Dial report from Edison Research and Triton Digital is out, after their 2018 presentation recently. Podcasts hosting with Blubrry are now starting to show up in Spotify. Enjoy this slightly manic, nicotine-free new episode of Your Podcast.

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Edison / Triton Infinite Dial
Blubrry hosted podcasts are starting to show on Spotify.
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Podcast discovery: Is there really a problem that needs to be solved?
Echo, Google assistant, Apple Home Pod and Cortana are not perfect. Finding your podcast on them can be a challenge if the name is hard to pronounce, or is too long, or….  or… Your hosting provider (us) has no control over whether your show isn’t easy to find.
Caching, what it is? And why you should care?
– Website caching (Cloudflare, WP plugins, server caching)
– CDN caching (content delivery)
– Browser caching (web history on most browsers now)
– Feed caching (FeedBurner, PodcastMirror, others)
– Podcast directory (just another website) caching


MP3 encoding. We have been getting lots of questions about file formats. The best format for an audio podcast is MP3, 44.1khz (44100hz) sample rate, 128kbps stereo bit rate (or 96kbps mono) -16LUFS (loudness) for stereo and -21LUFS for mono. .Wav files WILL NOT WORK! We recommend Auphonic for final processing of the loudness. It used to be that the lame MP3 encoder was bad, but improvements have made it just as good as Fraunhofer (which is included with Audition, iTunes desktop, and other software). AAC files (m4a) from GarageBand do work 90 percent of the time.  BUT, not 100 percent. Mp3 is currently the best way to go.
Video is a whole other ball of worms! (.mov, .flv do not work) Only mp4 and m4v work. Make sure they are optimized for the web or they will not play right away.
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