Blubrry Stats Update

A Letter of Apology

We regret that Friday, Dec. 29, at 8 a.m. through Sunday, Dec. 31, at 12:30 p.m., we had an outage that resulted in some loss of stats data for customers who do not host with us. We deeply apologize.

We detected the outage early on and put in place what we were confident would be a fix. But that did not resolve the issue. When new data did not start processing when expected, we dug deeper.

First and foremost we have removed the hardware that failed and will be doing a detailed investigation into the cause of the failure. We will also be looking at why our initial fix did not result in complete recovery. We are now running new hardware for such a server failure, and data collection and processing have been restored.

You have my guarantee that we will get to the bottom of this, and put in place whatever is required to make sure that this never happens again.

Course of Action

For podcasters hosting with us, we will be able to restore your stats data, but this is going to take a few days as we need to pull the log data from a separate source and process it into the system. We will provide you a refund of $5 for your stats portion of your bill for December on request at

For podcasters who do not host with us and are Pro-Statistics only customers, we will work with you and provide the estimate for download data based on the data we have. We will also refund $5 of your pro-stats payment for the month on request at

Again, we apologize. This is not the way we wanted to end the year, and you have my guarantee that our team is hard at work, dedicated to a permanent solution and to maintaining your trust.

Todd Cochrane
CEO RawVoice / Blubrry

2 Replies to “Blubrry Stats Update”

  1. We love and appreciate you. This happens in a complex electronic world. There was a great teacher named Ed Deming. He toured the world and worked with people to teach them about the truths and myths of quality, statistical quality control and how to build quality organizations. He said so many interesting things, but, in essence this is what I came away with in a manufacturers conference in the USA:

    No matter how good your products and services are, no matter how perfected your processes and systems might be, no matter how great your people are, there will always be a statistical percentage of your product that will not work or malfunction.

    Don’t spend all of your time on this. Do what you can to correct it but don’t spend all of your company time on the small percentage of what will always be a naturally and statistically occurring company reality.

    He taught so much more and I have learned from so many great leaders and teachers in so many diverse fields. Things happen. I trust that Blubrry has the right heart and the right ecosystem to correct anything.

    Thank you for all you are and do.

    Kim Greenhouse
    The Rainmaking Company
    It’s Rainmaking Time!

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