Apple Stats Beta Is Out – Happy Holidays! – YP021

After a long wait, iOS11 Apple Podcast Stats beta is out and available to users in Podcasts Connect. Recently, IAB recently released version 2.0 of their measurement standards for podcasting. Mike and Todd discuss what this means for podcasters.

Lastly, consulting is not always what people think it is. At Blubrry what we standard customer support may qualify as consulting someplace else. That doesn’t mean all answers are considered available as part of your service.

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  • Apple Podcast Stats Beta:  Remember, these stats are not a complete view of your audience. They only count downloads and listens from the Podcasts App on iOS11 and iTunes Desktop (latest version). Downloads and plays from your webpage or any other directory or app are not included (Android, Google Play, Stitcher, Tunein, Spotify or any other app).
  • IAB 2.0 Podcast Measurements: Get the update on what changes were made.


  • Support vs. Consulting?: If your question doesn’t have anything to do with any services or software (PowerPress) you may need to sign up for consulting at Blubrry. Typically, the Blubrry team will provide a bit of assistance, but any involved site design, marketing, production, or network setups would fall under consulting — not support.
  • Soundcloud is NOT a podcast directory (syndication point). You can think of Soundcloud as something similar to Youtube, but for audio. Blubrry cannot automatically post to Soundcloud; it must be done manually if you wish to use them as a second point of presence.
  • Blubrry is not a destination per se. We are different than Podbean, Libsyn, SoundCloud and just about any other podcast company, in that we would rather you promote your brand. You promote Your brand. Mike is frequently asked where they should promote, not that I’m on Blubrry. Blubrry recommends that you promote on your website. You have a directory listing at Blubrry, but it’s just that. It goes to our company philosophy: only promote places you own and control.

We hope everyone has a happy holiday season and thanks for joining us this year!

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