What’s in a Name? Titles, Filenames & Domains – Your Podcast 016

What's in a name? For a podcast names can contain quite a bit of pertinent information. Show names, episode titles, file names and domain names are crucial and helpful for a podcast. There's also a lot of places where it can go wrong.

Stick around in episode 16 for information on a Yeti microphone and what Google is up to. Todd and Mike also share some tips on how best to get support, this week on Your Podcast.

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Blue Microphones introduces, the Yeti Broadcaster: Bundled with Hindenburg Journalist software – making you a pro podcaster in no time.
Think Google was taking a backseat to podcasting? Think again: Google buys the podcast app, 60db


File names, episode titles, titles of the main podcast and the author tag: What's the best practice for naming all of the properties of your podcast feed?
MP3 file names: Name your files in a way you can understand them and keep them short. No spaces, no punctuation (other than underscore _ or dashes – ).
Blogging and podcasting on the same site, a match made in heaven: People that are checking out your podcast should be interested in your blog and those reading your blog might be interested in your podcast. Why not run them together on the same page of your site? If it's the same topic, then it would only stand to reason it would be the same audience.


Include some sort of contact information in your podcast and in your show notes – you'd be surprised how many people want to contact you.
Provide your email on your website; at the very least include a contact form.
Be sure to set the iTunes/Apple email tag to an email you CHECK regularly!
When submitted a ticket and/or email to Blubrry please include the following: email address you use at Blubrry and show name (possibly including the feed).

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