Podcasting is Here to Stay Without a Patent

All the podcasters out there, let’s give a big round of applause for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, as they just won their appeal against Personal Audio in the podcasting patent trial. This means that podcasting is here to stay, without a patent that podcasters would have to abide by. This is a big win for the entire podcasting community, and the broadcasting and media community. MacKenzie discussed what this could have meant for the podcasting community with her guest Abel. Abel A. Kay, writer, father, podcaster, lover of Rome – a man of many talents is host of two podcasts – both about the city of Rome and it’s evolution over time. See many of you soon at Podcast Movement. Thanks for listening and please subscribe to the show.

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Show notes:

Personal Audio loses its appeal for podcasting patent – Thanks to the efforts of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, podcasters will not have to pay to use a patent for podcasting.
Podcast El Cuento de Roma – The Spanish version of the Tale of Rome, that already has lots of episodes.
The Tale of Rome – The English version, which very recently was put on hold for release of September 30th, 2017 – International Podcast Day
Podcast Movement – Use the code ‘Blubrry’ for a 10% discount