Podcast Too Big For Your Hosting Plan? Try Blubrry Pro.

Is your podcast network growing too fast to keep up with your hosting plan? Or maybe you’re a radio station or public figure that wants to start a podcast but anticipates a lot of traffic right off the bat.

Blubrry provides Pro Podcast hosting for high-profile podcasts who need a media hosting solution that fits in the following categories.

If you fit the following criteria:

  • You host multiple shows;
  • You need unlimited storage space;
  • Your show(s) consume high-volume bandwidth;
  • You’d like to be able to integrate with third parties like Triton TAP and AdsWhizz Ad Insertion Systems; and/or
  • You’re a bank or private organization that needs a custom feed solution;

Blubrry’s Pro Podcast hosting solution is for you! Celebrities, radio networks, podcast networks, private institutions, pharmaceuticals, and investment firms are just a few examples of customers who’ve benefitted from our pro podcast hosting solutions.

The Pro plan is different from the unlimited hosting plan we provide independent podcasters. Our Pro solution was designed to serve customers whose needs outmatch our standard hosting plans. While most of our pro clients utilizes WordPress and PowerPress just like regular podcasters, we can work with clients who aren’t using WordPress to provide media player embeds and host their RSS feeds on Blubrry’s infrastructure. We can also provide custom solutions, and each pro customer has a personalized staff representative they can go to directly for priority support handling.

Plans start at $100 per month and include incredible storage allowance and a competitive per-GB cost. To find out more email MacKenzie at mackenzie@blubrry.com.