PowerPress poised to advance through Patreon

For some businesses, a ‘mission’ and ‘vision’ are little more than flowery language to help them look and feel all warm and fuzzy about themselves. At Blubrry/RawVoice, they’re our quest. We are always looking for new ways to expand our podcast family’s opportunities, brand, access and audiences. And in that vein, we’ve found a new source to help fund PowerPress development through Patreon.

Not familiar with Patreon? It’s host to an ongoing crowdfunding monthly or per creation donation. The PowerPress Patreon page is set up for monthly amounts because our plugin development and support is ongoing. Patreon also features rewards and milestones: rewards for our generous patrons and milestones we work toward each month.

Powering more than 40,000+ podcasts, PowerPress is constantly maintained and updated. It’s a comprehensive tool for content creators, enabling them to publish their programs on their own website. Importantly, it’s free and — more importantly — we’re gonna keep it that way.

Many of you guys already support us by using our Podcast Hosting and Professional Podcast Stats accounts and we thank you. Still, we want to do more for you, the content and the content creators you love. We are deeply committed to providing this free tool to the podcasting world.

Our Patreon supporters will find Blubrry has an extensive road-map of upgrades and new enhancements to the plugin in the works. Our Patrons will be provided regular insider looks at our features before they are released. We are committed to considering and implementing ideas from our Patrons.

We’re hoping this support will help us to:

  •         Maintain a 30-60 day Enhancement Cycle.
  •         Patreon Feature Requests Prioritized.
  •         Continue to Provide Free Support. (Pay it Forward)
  •         Hire Dedicated PowerPress Developers (so Angelo can get some sleep).

We’ve got a lot of exciting podcasting advances on our road map and we’d love it if you came along on the ride! Become a Patron and help us to continue to advance PowerPress and Powering your Podcasts.