Welcome to PowerPress 6.0, the future of podcasting is here!

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Welcome to PowerPress 6.0! This major release includes a lot of new features, bug fixes and changes.

New Features in PowerPress 6.0

Subscribe Tools (PowerPress exclusive features): PowerPress 6.0 includes three new subscribe tools to help you convert your Web visitors into podcast subscribers.

  • Subscribe Page and Shortcode Embed: With the new subscribe page and shortcode, you can create a static page using an embed that displays a box, which provides subscribe options for the most common devices. You can create the page with one click that inserts a subscribe page template. The shortcode embed is responsive and features mobile device friendly buttons designed for high resolution “Retina” displays. Learn more about the PowerPress Subscribe Page and Subscribe Shortcode Embed.
  • Subscribe Sidebar Widget: We now include a “subscribe to podcast” sidebar widget. The widget features mobile device friendly buttons and includes a “More Subscribe Options” button that links to your subscribe page.
  • Subscribe Links: Below each player we now include subscribe link options that include iTunes, RSS and a “More Subscribe Options” that link to your subscribe page.

We believe the new subscribe tools included in PowerPress will be key to growing podcasts. Android now makes up more than 84 percent of the mobile market; we believe it is important to provide options to help you capture those audiences. We also understand the importance of recommending applications that are free and do not include intrusive advertisements either in the app or inserted into the media content. We found two Android applications that meet this criteria — BeyondPod and Podcast Republic __ and included them as subscribe options.

Official iTunes Subscribe Banner: In addition to the subscribe options above, we are excited to include the new iTunes subscribe banner. You can add the iTunes subscribe banner using the PowerPress subscribe shortcode with the itunes_banner attribute set to true. e.g. [powerpress_subscribe itunes_banner="true"]. Learn more about the Subscribe Shortcode Embed.

Podcasting SEO (PowerPress exclusive feature): Search engine optimization (SEO) features have been added to help improve discovery of your podcast on search engines such as Google, and in the iTunes podcast directory. Learn more about PowerPress Podcasting SEO Settings.

Playlist Player: The new playlist player in PowerPress built upon the WordPress playlist player designed specifically for podcasting. Styling and functionality is the same, though shortcode options are different. Learn more about PowerPress Playlist Shortcode

Migrate to Blubrry Podcast Hosting in three easy steps: One of the biggest complaints we had received was that it’s too hard and/or complicated to migrate a podcast. Not anymore! So as long as your media is currently online, our three-step migration process handles all the legwork for you.

Changes in PowerPress 6.0

Get the Flash out! Because of a lack of browser support for Flash in recent months and because Flash players are no longer actively developed, we’ve permanently removed Flow Player, Simple Flash, AudioPlay and Flash Player Maxi from PowerPress. The 1 Pixel Out player remains, though we now display a warning against its use.

WordPress 3.6 or newer: PowerPress 6.0 requires WordPress 3.6 or newer. Key features rely on base code not found in older versions of WordPress. For security purposes, we strongly recommend always using the latest versions of WordPress. Specifically, PowerPress 6.0 has been tested with yesterday’s release of WordPress 4.1.

iTunes Image requirements: Your show’s artwork now must be at least 1400 x 1400 and not exceed 2048 x 2048 in size. The previous specification recommended at least 1400 x 1400 and had no maximum size limit. Please ensure your artwork is within the new required minimum and maximum to guarantee your podcasts’ ability to be featured in iTunes.

iTunes over the holidays

In case you hadn’t heard, from Monday, Dec. 22, through Monday, Jan. 5, new podcast submissions to the iTunes podcast directory will require additional time for review and processing. New episodes during this time also may require additional time (possibly longer than the typical 4 hours) to appear on iTunes Store.

Thank you!

We want to thank our PowerPress users for your generous support, your ongoing feedback, feature suggestions and bug reporting. You have helped us provide the most powerful and feature-rich podcasting plugin for WordPress!

We would also like to thank the team over at Apple for helping us with the Subscribe on iTunes affiliate link and banner.

Keep it coming!

We are extremely excited about the release of PowerPress 6.0 because of what these new features, bug fixes and upgrades mean to you, our podcast family. We’re also excited to hear back from you about what you think: what you love and what you don’t love and how PowerPress 6.0 is (hopefully) making your media creation, subscription, migration and monetization that much easier. We also want to hear your ideas for the future. At Blubrry, we will continue to evolve to make podcasting the most dynamic, enjoyable and fruitful experience possible. Contact us through our contact form, on Facebook or on Twitter @blubrry and let us know how we’re doing.