PowerPress 6.0 Preview of Podcast Playlist

We are hard at work adding new features to PowerPress. Here’s a sneak peek at the podcast playlist  shortcode feature for the video’s on the PowerPress Podcast. (There’s an audio playlist as well.)

Click here to preview the PowerPress Playlist.

This playlist was created by using the following shortcode in PowerPress 6.0 beta: [powerpressplaylist type="video"]

The playlist expands on the audio and video playlist already built into WordPress 3.9. Anything you can do styling wise you can do with the PowerPress podcast playlist as well.

For a complete list of options, please see our documentation on the PowerPress playlist shortcode page.

6 Replies to “PowerPress 6.0 Preview of Podcast Playlist”

  1. How can I get that same type of player but for other websites. For example if people want to show my podcast on their website. Can I provide them with code to do so?

  2. So I do not see working examples on this page, the links on this page redirect back to itself and the examples in the comment below are not working. Is this a real thing or am I missing something here?

  3. how about adding the ability to show powerpress audio player in a WP category view for each post in the category view.

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