Take action: Ask Microsoft to add a podcasting app to Windows 8!

We need all podcasters to send a strong, positive message to Microsoft that podcasting is important. Windows 8 is due to launch with no podcasting support. While many of us may use iOS devices, have an Apple computer, or even be an Android user, the thing we need to remember is that hundreds of millions of potential listeners and viewers use the Windows programs.

Microsoft's goal with Windows 8 is to create synergy between the desktop, tablet, windows phone, and ultimately Xbox. Very similar to what Apple has already accomplished. Microsoft recently posted a list of Windows 8 Apps that will launch with the platform. Absent is any mention of podcasting support. We encourage each of you to leave a positive comment on th

e Microsoft Blog post asking for podcasting support.

This will take less than 5 minutes; we need to let Microsoft know we want our Windows users to have the same ease of subscribing and listening to podcasts afforded users on other platforms. Follow this link and ask Microsoft politely to add a podcasting app to Windows 8! Ask your audience members to ask for this support as well.

Get word out on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc.. Let’s create a ground swell of pro-podcast comments to send a clear message to Microsoft that we want a podcast app for Windows 8.

Let our Voices be heard.

Todd Cochrane
CEO RawVoice