PowerPress Version 3.0

PowerPress 3.0 is out, ladies and gents, and it’s already slammin’ the competition. Oh, wait, there is no competition. As always, Blubrry PowerPress brings the essential features for media creation to WordPress. PowerPress offers HTML5 audio/video player with flash fallback and multi-channel/multi-category podcasting support.

It also offers:

*Meta Marks a new feature that’s so fantastic that your going to want to learn more!
*Customizable HTML5 audio/video-play icons.
*Auto Media Length Detection added for .m4a/.mrv/.mp4
*Podcast channels tied to custom post types.
*Six languages includes Chinese, Danish, English, French, Italian and Romanian.
*Optimized for WordPress 3.3+ (WordPress 3.0 is now the minimum required).

So, whatcha waiting for? Go to Blubrry.com/powerpress and get even more of what you want, need and expect from exceptional offerings at Blubrry.

2 Replies to “PowerPress Version 3.0”

  1. Please include a handler for media files that have spaces in the filename, replacing them with %20. I’ve learned that is bad filename practice, but I have hundreds of uploaded files with spaces in the filename. PodPress was able to handle that problem. When I switched to PowerPress, hundreds of media files became unplayable. I’m considering the option of downloading the database (backing it up beforehand, of course), then searching and replacing the filename spaces with %20 then uploading the edited database to fix this problem.

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