Number of podcasts showing up in iTunes or Feed

I only see 10 of my podcast episodes in iTunes, why?

We get this question about 1-2 a week. The answer is simple, there’s a setting for that.

iTunes displays what it sees in the feed you submitted to them. Your feed by default will display only 10 items (blog posts/podcast episodes) due to a setting in WordPress. To change the number of items per feed, go to your WordPress admin, to the “Settings” section and select “Reading”. For the option labeled “Syndication feeds show the most recent”, enter the value you desire.

If you are using the podcast specific feeds provided by PowerPress, you can also set the number of items per feed in the PowerPress settings. When editing a podcast channel or podcast category in PowerPress settings, select the “Feed” tab, and go to the section titled “Show the most recent”. You can leave this setting blank to use the WordPress global default, or you can specify your own number for this specific podcast feed.

Keep in mind that the items per feed cannot be infinite. The number of items per feed should not be too large that way feed readers and services such as iTunes/FeedBurner can pull them without complaining about the file size. We believe that a value between 20-50 is sufficient. If you use a value larger than 50, make sure you open your feed in a web browser then select the option “save as” and save the feed to your computer. Then check the saved file’s size does not exceed 512KB in size.