PowerPress Quick Start Guide

Welcome to Blubrry PowerPress! We recommend you follow the getting started steps to both save you time and to guarantee that you’ve properly setup your blog for podcasting.

1. Configure all of the Settings in PowerPress

Before you do anything else, go through all of the settings in PowerPress. In particular, it is very important that you upload your iTunes and RSS images before submitting your podcast feeds to directories such as iTunes and Zune marketplace.

2. Create Your First Podcast Episode

Sounds simple enough, simply go into WordPress “Posts” section and select “Add New”. When you edit your new blog post, brwose to the bottom of the page where you will fin a new “Podcast Episode” box. Here is where you link your media file to your blog post in order to create a podcast episode (Remember, podcasting is simply an extension to blogging).

Need help recording or uploading your media? Please visit www.podcastfaq.com for help!

3. Submit your Podcast Feed to Directories like iTunes and Blubrry.om

Once you have your podcast settings configured and you have 1 episode in your feed, you can now submit your podcast feed to podcast directories. VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure you submit your “podcast” feed, not your main blog’s feed. The podcast only feed provided in PowerPress is ideal for podcast directories like iTunes because it will only contain your podcast episodes. Feeds with blog posts will not appear and wil only crowd out your podcast episodes.

You’re all set!