Huge 31% Jump in Revenue Means More Money in Our Podcasters’ Pockets

There is no ‘I’ in ‘team’ but there is ‘we’ in ‘RawVoice’ and collectively we have posted a 31 percent ad revenue increase for the second quarter! This gargantuan increase is further proof that we’re kickin’ butt and reflects new advertising buys on 27 percent more shows hosted on Blubrry, Tech Podcasts Network and other RawVoice subsidiaries. Simply put, this translates into more advertising opportunities and more money in podcasters’ pockets.

CEO Todd Cochrane says lots of things are coming together quite nicely to contribute to this increase: “Advertisers are confident in us delivering a healthy return on investment. Advertising with RawVoice enables them to expose their brand to audiences that are consuming media on a variety of devices in the home and on the go.”

Audience growth has been and will continue to be fueled by the increased quality and quantity of podcasts available at Blubrry and the RawVoice community as a whole. At Blubrry alone we have more than 5,500 shows available for advertising!

AND (note that’s a big ‘and’) our expanded media accessibility on multiple platforms such as Roku, Apple iOS and Google Android-based smart phones is also catapulting our growth.

“Our strategy of multi-platform distribution is exposing new audiences to our content creators on venues that accommodate their lifestyle needs,” says Cochrane. “We are the only advertising medium that can guarantee they are reaching their target audiences.”

Our ever-increasing viewers and listeners have the benefit of accessing our top-quality shows and get to check out great products and services that they want and need. The end result is that hosts are able to sustain and grow their shows “ultimately resulting in more ad deals for our content creators,” Cochrane says.

As Quarter 3 gets under way, we’re all confident the advertising and audience growth will continue to benefit media creators. “We are continuing to focus on multi-platform distribution for the shows that are part of the network,” Cochrane says. “The show producers are reaching millions of people monthly we want to continue to take the lead in finding ways to help content creators maintain sustainable incomes for their shows.”