Call to action! Get ready for our revolution . . .

Hey everyone! Heads up! This is a call to action for all of you who are part of our RawVoice community.

In the coming weeks we’ll be making a number of exciting announcements that you’re going to love. During our team’s February meetings we made some radical, strategic decisions that are now in the process of implementation.

We have a bunch of cool stuff coming out that your show will want to be a part of, one being a major redesign to the Blubrry home page. But in order to take full advantage, your Blubrry show profile must be up to date and complete. Log into your account, click “Manage Account,” followed by “Settings” to update your profile.

Here’s how we like it:

  • 300×300 or 600×600 album art, aka iTunes Art (JPG or PNG format)
  • Accurate program title (no HTML)
  • Descriptive program summary (200 characters max)
  • Detailed program description
  • Five or more keywords
  • Talent name filled in
  • An RSS feed that validates through
  • A header image on your account

If you are a podcaster that mixes audio and video together, we’ll classify your show as a video podcast in our new layout. If you don’t want them combined as video be sure to have two feeds.

For the first time, RawVoice will be taking an active look at shows on our network on a weekly basis and will feature some shows in a special section of the website. Each show in the network will be reviewed in the coming weeks. Make sure yours is in tip-top shape so you have a greater chance at substantially increased exposure.

That’s not all! What we have planned is going to knock your socks off and I can’t wait to tell you more! Don’t miss out. Get your show’s listings squared away now!

~ Todd