PowerPress 0.7.3 Released – Small Update but Powerful New Feature

While the latest version of PowerPress contains a large number of bug fixes we have a new feature that includes a conversion tool for podcasters using MovableType, Blogger, Drupal, TypePad, and other CMS applications.

Moving a blog to WordPress is relatively easy, but moving a blog and all of your podcast as well is much harder. The import tool we have released with this release makes it very simple.

  1. Import your old Blog into a New Word Press Site.
  2. Install and configure the Blubrry Podcast Plugin PowerPress
  3. Choose the Import Function in the Tools Section of PowerPress

What happens is the import tool looks for hyperlinked media in your blog posts. It then presents you a list of all media and the post-it has found, you can quickly pick which RSS feed you would like the media imported to.

In the case of my personal site over at Geek News Central, I have three RSS feeds. The podcast feed only contains audio files, a Video Feed that contains only videos, and a Special Media feed that has audio and video coverage from special events I attend.

I had over 700 media files that needed sorting out and with the filter functions included in the plugin, it took me about 10 minutes to get everything converted. I estimate the plugin saved me well over 100 hours of work in that I did not have to edit each of the podcast posts individually to get them in the proper format for WordPress.

While the update will be minor for some. For others, this is our biggest update yet as many will be able to move their podcast off platforms that have had them locked into this point.