Quarter 2 Advertising Notice

ChartFirst a quick update:  I want to share that RawVoice is being very competitive in putting dollars in podcasters pockets. Looking at reports coming from one of our competitors In Quarter 4 2008, RawVoice out performed them by a very large margin in sold advertising inventory.  Resulting in us putting thousands of dollars in podcasters pockets each and every quarter.

Does that mean everyone was able to be in a CPM buy last quarter, sadly the answer is no, we continue to find that Music, Entertainment, Comedy & Gaming podcast continue to be a huge challenge to sell. You can help us though. If you have an advertiser for your show in that category, help us by introducing us to that advertiser, and if we sign an advertising deal you will receive a significant finder’s fee, for the first year that we do advertising contracts with the company.

Quarter 2 Advertising Update – I have started to receive the Quarter 2 Insertion Orders and we have a spending increase in all of the buys which is going to allow me to add a number of new shows to the Q2 buy. Shows that are on the Q1 buy are being reviewed for renewal. Those shows will get notified via email from the Advertising Campaign Management System as soon as we have approvals and the new deliverables.

As always 70% of the Ad revenue go to the Podcaster and 30% to RawVoice this payment rate is one of the best in the new media space.

Shows wishing to get on the Quarter 2 buy need to do two things, first they need to update or fill out the Advertising Survey found at Blubrry.com under Manage Account / Make Money.

The second thing you need to do is send me an email ceo@rawvoice.com with the following. Show Name, Your Name, Contact Telephone Number.

Please note that we will review each and every show that ask to get on the new buy, all shows will have to go through a qualification process but we will work very hard to get all shows wanting on the buys in the deal.

Sidenote : All shows wanting to get on the CPA buys with Godaddy.com can do so immediately we have new series of promotion codes as well. This remains a great money maker for many podcasters.

Todd Cochrane
CEO RawVoice