The Road to Finding you a Advertising Deal

Today I received a rather accusatory email from a podcaster that has had his show on Blubrry. His accusations centered around us not being able to find him a sponsorship.

We have never said we could guarantee any show that was part of the community a Flat Rate or CPM sponsorship. There are many factors that go into finding a sponsor for a podcast. Let me list some points so that people know what we and media buyers look at.

  • Show Topic
  • Show Content
  • Production Consistency
  • The Podcasters Website
  • An audience of Show aka Demographics
  • Goals of the Ad Campaign

There are additional factors that play into what shows can be offered deals and those that cannot. There are advertising deals that we have that are open-ended. This means any podcaster can sign up to participate examples of this would be GoDaddy and any of our Affiliate deals.

Just because we are not finding you a flat rate or CPM deal does not mean that you should not try and secure your own sponsor, and by all means, you are always free to work with other companies.

Nothing we do for you is exclusive, you always have the right of refusal for anything we do for you, all we have ever asked and will ever ask is that you allow us the opportunity to go out and sell a single ad spot on your show.

We wish every Blubrry Community member was on a CPM or Flat Rate ad deal, while trends continue to turn our way and the number of inquiries increases each day. Please understand that RawVoice is working very hard to help you power your podcast.