How does your Show Look on Blubrry?

I have instructed the team at RawVoice to start contacting individual podcasters that are part of the community, to gently encourage them to take a few minutes and add descriptions and album art to their show listings.

It literally drives me crazy to see show listings on Blubrry that have a show name and nothing else. The biggest abusers are the podcasters from Blog Talk Radio. Many of the shows that have signed up do not have standard iTunes art. Their show descriptions are 2-3 words and in many instances no description at all.

We are going to give the shows a reasonable time to clean up their listings then if they fail to do so we are going to pull the listings.

We have prided ourselves on having very clean listings, complete descriptions for shows and rich meta data but a small subset of podcasters have made us realize that if they are unwilling to clean up their listings then they likely are not supporting the community anyway.

Issues we deal with daily
-Using the URL for their home page as their RSS URL
-Using the RSS URL as their Home Page URL
-No Show Description or a very incomplete description
-No Keywords

We want to work with everyone in the community, but it’s a two way street!