Advertising Revenue Share in New Media whats Fair?


I had a discussion with a media creator today that is doing some shows on another media site.


He gets paid 35% of whatever the company providing the service can get by inserted advertising, and 50% of the advertising commission if he brings the advertiser to the vendor.


Considering the vendor is hosting the media for free, I am sure they have to really tight on what they give the person creating the media but 35% sounds really low.


I am very proud that RawVoice gives 70% of the advertising dollars back to the media creators that create the content. Their is definitely advantages in commission earnings if you don’t let someone control, and lock your content in.


Lets do the math on a 1000 dollar ad deal RawVoice media creators earn $700.00 in commissions. On the site that is in the above example they would get $350.00. Considering the price of hosting media is almost nothing these days why would anyone be willing to give up 35% in potential earnings for saving a few dollars in hosting cost?