BlogWorld Expo Thoughts

Hey folks Todd here and I wanted to give you my impression on BlogWorld Expo that finished last week. First of all it was great meeting those of you that attended, and while the podcasting audience was relative small their were a number of new podcasters and soon to be podcasters in the attendance.


From the beginning of my involvement in Podcasting from October of 2004 I have been telling podcasters all along that if your not blogging as well as podcasting your hurting yourself badly.


This was talked about by Leo Laporte on the importance of Podcasters need to Blog and vice versa and use all channels of distribution.


I will add that blogging and podcasting on a regular basis increases engagement. If you are only engaging your audience once a month with a audio program your likelihood of show growth will be poor.


I have a full write up of Day 1 and Day 2 on my personal blog. I hope you will skim the play by play.