Playing Your Videos On The iPod Touch

If you are a video podcaster and want people coming to your site via the iPhone or iPod Touch to be able to play your videos instantly then have we got a deal for you.

Although most video podcasters have embedded flash players, those players will not be compatible with the Safari mobile browser. And direct links to the video file may not work if the file is too large. QuickTime video files embedded in the web page seems to work fine though. And it just so happens that our Blubrry Podcast Player automatically embeds your videos into a small web page.

Find out more about the Blubrry Podcast Player on our forum here.

So if you’ve got iPod compatible videos and want people coming to your video podcast website via the new iPod to be able to play your content straight away, then the Blubrry podcast player is your best choice.

Our crack graphics expert Brian Yuhnke is working on a special icon that you can use to add to your web pages so visitors know where to click if they’re using an iPod Touch or iPhone. Stay tuned to this blog for updates.