Five Things A Podcaster Can Do Today

Here are five things a podcaster can do today to make sure their show is on track for continued growth.

  1. Check your listing on iTunes. Weird issues have been known to occur that result in your iTunes listing not updating properly. So it’s good to keep an eye on your listing there to make sure all is on track. You can also see if you have any new reviews while you’re at it.
  2. Validate your RSS feed using the Feed Validator. You’d be surprised at the things that can knock out your podcast feed. With all the embedded players and widgets people are using these days, sometimes your feed can get thrown out of whack.
  3. Respond to the latest contacts from your audience. Your audience loves to know that you’re listening to their comments and questions. Take a few minutes to write personal notes to the latest people to contact you about the show.
  4. Review your podcast website for design improvement and link maintenance. It is never too late to do some spring cleaning on your podcast website. Do you have any dead links in posts or the sidebar? Is it time for a new page header? Could your show notes from previous episodes use some beefing up? If your content has any kind of long tail value then this is a worthwhile investment in your podcast.
  5. Seek out some new link partners. This is basically good old fashioned internet-style networking. Seek out other sites (and not just podcasts) that offer similar or complimentary content to yours. Contact those publishers and let them know why there audience should know about what you’re doing. Return the favor by letting your audience know about sites that they are likely to enjoy.