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Any baseball fans out there? I got to thinking that here in the U.S. its the time of year when sports fans are going crazy over baseball pennant races. There’s no better way to capture the passion for baseball than tuning in to a baseball podcast. We’ve got some real good ones here on Blubrry.

Submitted for your approval:

Cubscast Detroit Tigers Podcast New York Mets Podcast Bricks and Ivy Radio 360 Pitch Yankees Fan Club

8 Replies to “Blubrry Baseball Podcasts”

  1. Dennis.. You got me! It was a grand conspiracy designed to marginalize your shows 😉 Actually the point of the post was to highlight those who are talking current baseball topics. Things like playoff races, steroids, Barry Bonds record, etc.

    Kevin…We do our best to create a situation that creates a level playing field on the front page. Since this highlighting of podcasts constitutes editorial we think it best to keep it on the blog for the moment. As you can see from Dennis’ comment making these kinds of choices can sometimes make content producers feel left out. So until we can find the right mix we’ll continue highlighting select podcasts on the blog.

  2. >”highlighting of podcasts constitutes editorial we think it best
    >to keep it on the blog for the moment”

    Um… so what are “Top Picks” on the Blubrry home page then? Those don’t seem to rotate very much.

  3. The top picks are automatically generated by the system based on the number of subscriptions that each show has via our MyCast feature.

    They may not rotate very much because many of the same shows continue to lead in subscriptions. As shows encourage their audiences to get involved on Blubrry they are then rewarded by enhanced visibility on our front page as a result.

    Our Most Recent section of the home page allows for visibility for all shows based on the order they are captured into the system.

    What’s Juicy is based on the number of votes an episode has received over a seven day period.

  4. So What’s Juicy and Top Picks are two variants of a popularity contest, while What’s New is based on new entries in the podcast feed. It’s no wonder that shows geared to the podcaster audience (e.g. School of Podcasting) show up so much.

    As the producer of a weekly (not daily) show with a mostly non-podcasting audience I can’t say that I think the “everyone gets equal billing” claim to be particularly true. A random pull of all the shows would be more fair/equal, especially consider 2/3 of the front page is a popularity contest.

    None of the pick categories on the home page are particularly useful for casual audience members. That’s why I like the guide/editorial concept — it invites people who aren’t professional podcasters to explore the site and the content. The podcaster-oriented vibe of the home page isn’t inviting to plain old audience members.

    Lastly, regarding Dennis’ comments about feeling slighted. If you do a search on “baseball” seven shows are returned. So when you highlight only six of them, then yeah I can see where he’s coming from. It probably would have made more sense to include all of them given the numbers (if there were twenty it would be a different argument).

  5. Unfortunately Dennis’ show did not fit what I was going for in the post in highlighting baseball podcasts. I wanted to point people to podcasts that were talking about current baseball topics. And that’s what I did.

    Dennis was more than welcome to reply in the comments and link to his shows. That’s the last I’m going to say about it.

    Otherwise, we’re sorry that you don’t feel like we’re doing right by podcasters. Your objections have been noted and will go into the hopper when we consider plans for the next version of the site.

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