Find Us In Two More Spots

The web keeps growing and we grow with it. We go to places that have been around for awhile. And we jump on new bandwagons from time to time. If we want to keep track of all the places we are at then have a look at this forum post.

FacebookFacebook has been getting hotter every day. And more people are asking me about what we’re doing on there. So the first step was to create a profile. So if you’re the Facebook type then check out our profile and make friends with us there.


Pageflakes recently pushed out an interesting new release that allows people to create customized versions of their pages. We’ve created one at that aggregates Blubrry info from our many outlets.

We know that you’re busy and can’t necessarily get involved with all of the different sites and social networks out there. But if you’re a fan of either of these services then why not stop by and say, “Hi.”