Left, Right and Center

Politics are hot. Sites like like TechPresident are tracking how U.S. political candidates use the web. Barack Obama has like three million (okay, but he’s got a lot) friends on MySpace. So what are the podcasts saying?

A quick walk through the Blubrry patch yields a few podcasts on both sides of the U.S. political spectrum.

On The Right

The Truth and Hope Report – Conservative Columnist Adam Graham focuses on politics beyond the spin of the day to the heart of the issues. Truth and Hope is for those who are ready to take action to change their country.

The Right Perspective – NYC’s most dangerous callers to talk radio, Frank from Queens and John of Staten Island, now have their own radio show, taking your phone calls and discussing issues from “The Right Perspective”! Live.

On The Left

Watch It Burn – A Soldier’s Podcast from Iraq, Fort Campbell and Back Home.

Wake Up AMerica – Wake Up America! Take Back your country!

There are lots more interesting shows in the politics category on Blubrry. If you want in on what people are really saying about the candidates and the issues get hooked into the podcast conversation!