Spring Cleaning On Blubrry

Spring Cleaning

I’ve been busy as a bee this morning, answering contacts and looking for duplicate or podfaded feeds here on Blubrry. We don’t always catch everything so we could use your help.

If you see a podcast that doesn’t look right, then please contact us and let us know.

We are always on the lookout for:

* Shows that have no podcast content in their feeds.
* Shows that appear to be duplicates.
* Shows that have content that appears to be infringing on copyrights.
* Shows that have dead links to home pages or RSS feeds.
* Shows that have not produced content in a long time.

We’ll contact the podcast producer to find out what’s happening prior to removing a show from the site. We do all we can to make sure we can keep shows who simply need to have an RSS feed or other info updated.

In the future we plan to have more automated methods of flagging content and contacting show producers. Til then we appreciate the effort of our valued podcast community members as extra sets of eyes and ears.