How To Get To The Blubrry Jam Live Show

(Assuming you’re already in New York City of course.)

1. Hop in a cab and say, “285 West Broadway at Canal Street please.” (Don’t forget the please.)

2. Go To and type in 285 West Broadway in the “Destination Address” box. (You’ll have to know where you are to come up with the info for the “Starting Address” box.)

3. Use this handy map we created if you’re coming from the PodCamp NYC party at Slate.

Blubrry Jam Map

View On Google Maps

PS: Discounted advance tickets are available at until noon on Saturday. You can also pay $20 cash at the door. Either way you get a Brother Love CD, a light blue cystic fibrosis wrist band and proceeds go to the Boomer Esiason Foundation.