Podcasting Traffic Analysis

An analyst from the traffic measurement firm Hitwise has commented on the traffic received by (the recently for sale of Odeo. Odeo has been doing very well traffic-wise. I have no doubt that their traffic is boosted by the fact that Odeo makes good use of embedded audio widgets that people can embed into their websites. Still, they’re considerably higher than Podcast Alley.

I couldn’t help but notice that our very own Blubrry podcast community was not included in Leann’s comments. I checked our Alexa rank and we’re barely a blip on the radar. It’s true that Alexa is known to be a questionable barometer for site popularity. Still, we know that we’re still one of the little guys swimming in an ocean with bigger fish. So what are we doing about it?

We’re focusing on architecture and features. What you can’t see on Blubrry is even more important than what you can see. No offense intended to Brian because he comes up with some of the cleanest designs we’ve ever seen. Being able to handle all the different variations of feeds is very important though. We’ve seen some wild ones. And soon you’ll be able to take your ‘juice it’ buttons onto your main blog and podcast pages. Publishing and media hosting is in the works too. Don’t forget podcaster stats either.

We’re working on getting more and better advertising deals. Raw Voice has a new ad salesperson working the phones and the internet to follow up on all the contacts we’ve made. His goal is a simple one. Get podcasters paid! And get them paid more money this month than last month.

We’re amping up event sponsorship and participation. It’s gonna be some spring and summer. Starting with PodCamp Atlanta in March we’re taking this show on the road. We’re sponsoring BarCampUSA. And you know we’ll have a suite (and then some) at the Podcast and New Media Expo in September.

We’ve got plans folks. And we’re glad to have you along for the ride. Just remember this. The race is not always won by the fastest. Sometimes it’s won by those who just keep on running.