GoToMeeting Testimonial

It’s great to know that we’re achieving actual results for our advertisers here at Blubrry. After all, when advertisers are happy they keep coming back. And that means we can put money in the pockets of podcasters.

Recently Shel and Neville of the For Immediate Release podcast put out a call for testimonials on listener use of GoToMeeting.

You can hear the very positive testimonial around the 12:30 mark in the audio. The reaction included a very enthusiastic, “Wow, this was fabulous.” Right on.

We’re excited to know that we’re bringing value to our sponsors while providing podcasters income from services that their audiences find to be useful. Everybody wins folks. That’s the sweetness of Blubrry.

One more note on FIR. They have two sponsors. They negotiated the deal with their second sponsor and they get 100% of that revenue. We allow that kind of thing here at Blubrry. Why shouldn’t podcasters be able to negotiate their own deals if something comes their way?

Things can get even sweeter for podcasters who find a sponsor for their podcast and then bring that advertiser to the larger group here at Blubrry. Podcasters that do so will receive a percentage of the total deal for sponsors they introduce to the community.

How can podcasters earn income with Blubrry? Let me count the ways.