Protecting Your Podcast

Sometimes agreements with certain podcast service providers seem like a great idea when you sign them. You get free hosting, but there could be a harsh downside. We encourage you to take a close look at the terms when joining any podcast network or free podcast hosting provider. You may be giving up more than you’d like in the long run.

Check the agreement carefully. Do you alone own the content? Does the other party gain the right to use your content any way they want in exchange for free hosting? What about the auto insertion of ads before and after your episodes? Are you getting paid for auto-insertions? Will those insertions match the flavor of your show?

How about your name, likeness, and all the logos from your show? Can you keep control of those or are you giving up certain rights there? When you enter into one of these agreements you may be giving away more than you think. And what you’re getting in return amounts to media hosting worth about $25 per month (or less) based on current podcast hosting standards.

Imagine that you’ve created some quality content and as a result, you find an advertiser for your show. Will you be able to make that deal of does the agreement prevents you from monetizing the show on your own?

For those who don’t have big plans for their shows, this type of agreement will probably be fine. But many podcasters have bigger plans for their shows. Why clip the wings of your show by entering into a restrictive agreement?

The Blubrry agreement has none of the restrictions mentioned above. You always own your show. You always own your intellectual property. You can belong to other networks and negotiate your own advertising. We never auto-insert annoying announcements onto the front or back (or the middle) of your shows. You have the right to refuse any ad deal we find for you and you get paid 70% of the deals you accept. You can remove your podcast from the community whenever you want, provided that you’re not in the middle of an ad deal. All we ask is that you make a short mention of Blubrry somewhere in your show to help build the community.

Those are just a few reasons why your podcast is safe when you join the Blubrry community. There’s no downside. You get the benefits of democratic visibility, ownership, community, and monetization.

Podcasters interested in monetizing their shows can join Blubrry and start earning money.