Blu To Green

You don’t have to be a podcaster running an ad deal to make money from your participation in the community. You see, we have this referral program that pays you a finders fee of 10% if you introduce us to an advertiser and a deal actually occurs. All you have to do is pass along the info and we’ll do the rest.

So say you’re a podcaster and you’ve been crafty enough to bring in your own advertiser for your show. You can ask them a simple question. “Would you like to have more access to the wider podcasting community?” If they say yes then you should refer them to us. If we end up doing an ad deal worth $5000 then you make $500 just for making the introduction. Sweet!

You don’t have to be a podcaster to get in on this deal either. If you’re just a member of the community who enjoys the features and podcasts then you can get in on the action as well. If you’re the enterprising sort and know someone who might benefit from the power of podcasting then feel free to pass their info along. If an ad deal is struck then its 10% to you!

Finally, our advertisers and partners can make out on this as well. If you’ve done business with us and liked the results why not refer some of your partners along. We’ll make the same payouts mentioned back to you.

Our philosophy here at Blubrry is very simple. We treat everyone like a partner. Those who contribute the most are rewarded in kind. And those who contribute to our financial health receive a nice piece of the Blubrry pie. So don’t wait another second. Send your leads and contacts over to today.