MyPodding Around

My portable media device (iRiver H320) really is the hub for all of my audio based entertainment needs. I’d love to include video too but I’m waiting for the next-gen iPod. I just know that it’s coming soon! Anyway, I’ve been wanting to find a new way to subscribe to podcasts so that my iRiver is the true hub for my audio podcast subscriptions.

For that reason, I’ve been trying out the myPodder software from Podcast Ready. The myPodder software is different from most podcatching tools in that it resides directly on your portable media device. So you download the software from the Podcast Ready website and then install the software on your portable device. Once you’ve done that you can manage podcast subscriptions via the myPodder software and the files will download to your portable media device when the device is connected to the computer.

The software is free and is supported on Windows, Mac (includes the iPod), U3, and even Windows Mobile platforms so there’s a real good chance that your device will work with myPodder. The software is pretty easy to use and I was able to add MyCast subscriptions from Blubrry in just a few moments. My only beef with the process was that on install I was automatically subscribed to a number of feeds which I then had to delete. A minor issue, but I think they should remove the default subscriptions from the software.

So if you’ve been looking for a new way to manage your podcast subscriptions on the go then you should definitely give myPodder a try.