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Perfectly Integrated

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A New Tool for Retirement: Life X With Peter Nakada (Ep. 53)
December 06, 2023

How often do you worry about having enough money for retirement? How long are you planning for? Are the market changes included in your plan? LifeX could be the tool to provide relief and solutions fo

Navigating Career Transitions & Simplifying Wealth Management With Jamie Hopkins [Episode 52]
November 22, 2023

When someone quits their job, its rarely a big deal. With Jamie Hopkins, his transition was the headline of multiple articles. How does his personal experience and branding set him apart from the cro

An Origin Story of Financial Planning With Ben Combs (Ep. 51)
November 08, 2023

Can you imagine a time when having a financial advisor was strange? Someone who could help you target your financial struggles and identify solutions may have existed but getting a degree in financial

The Future of Financial Planning With Craig Lemoine (Ep. 50)
October 25, 2023

If you close your eyes and imagine the next generation of financial planners, what do they look like? How will they be interacting with clients? How will technology influence their financial planning

Exploring Insurance in Financial Planning With Peter Kaplan (Ep. 49)
September 13, 2023

Have you considered adding insurance to a financial plan? How should advisors start that conversation? What should advisors know when considering adding insurance to a financial plan? In this episode

Focusing on the Service and Care in a Dollar-Centric Industry With Josh Benson (Ep. 48)
August 02, 2023

In an industry focused on creating wealth and building client investments, the idea of client relationships and services can seem like a secondary priority. Those connections are the foundation of any

The Rules of Advertisement, Endorsements and Referrals With John Cataldo (Ep. 47)
July 12, 2023

When someone leaves a positive review about your business, that can be great advertising. But when does it cross the line between freely given advertisements and paid or encouraged endorsements? In th

How Creative Marketing Shapes Financial Planning Practices With Angel Gonzalez (Ep. 46)
April 12, 2023

There are some commercials that stick with you, either because they are funny or have a catchy image or something else. What they all have in common is that they are creative with their ideas. In this

The Growing Role of CPAs in Financial Planning With Seth Fineberg and Paul Saganey (Ep. 45)
March 22, 2023

CPAs require rigorous testing, hours of training and most importantly, a high level of ethics. These three aspects contribute to the growing need for CPAs and their personal connections with clients.

An Update On Retirement Planning Using Secure Act 2.0 With Will Hackler And Jason Grantz (Ep. 44)
February 08, 2023

During the pandemic, the Secure Act became an essential piece of retirement planning for all ages. At the end of 2022, the Secure Act 2.0 came along with new legislation for retirement planning. In th