Miseducation of Mom

Miseducation of Mom

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MOM #22 : Gracism and Racism - Pentecost Shalom
May 19, 2018

In today’s mini-episode, we’re standing at the last day of counting the Omer day 49, this eve of Pentecost. Join me as we decelerate together and unLEARN to learn. ReEducate your HEARt and courageously reThink. In this episode, I refer to the soul

MOM #21 : Disruptive Grace | Everyday, Small Harvest | Pt 2
May 07, 2018

Welcome to today's count of Omer thirty-seven. We are in a new series, Everyday, Small Harvest. We are counting to honor the days leading up to Pentecost/Shavuot. The Omer is a time of spiritual attunement and refinement. We are counting, just like the d

MOM #20 : Everyday, Small Harvest | Pt 1
May 05, 2018

Shabbat Shalom! Join me in a new series intro. Every year, we retrace an inner journey by “Counting of the Omer.” It’s a 49-meditation and blessing of transformation within the human soul. But we’re only doing 7-days in this week leading up to Pen

MOM #19 : Belovedness & Joy
March 07, 2018

Episode 19 is about looking at our belovedness in light of joy. Before we read and savor Matthew 3:17 in this Lectio Divina unLEARNing adventure, we will take an aerial view to get started and look at the context. Verse seventeen acts as the hinge for the

MOM #18 : Belovedness & Voices
February 21, 2018

In this unLEARNing adventure, I revisit Matthew 3:17 to pilgrimage through the rhythms of Lectio Divina durig this Lent season. There are so many voices that capture our attention, but there's one voice from heaven eternally assuring us that we are foreve

MOM #17 : Belovedness & Ashes
February 14, 2018

In this unLEARNing adventure, I invite you to pilgrimage with me in the rhythms of Lectio Divina throughout this Lent season. In any given moment Love will address our humanity (our dirt, our ashes) and He will affirm our belovedness, unquestionably. Our

MOM #16 : Self-Compassion RSVP
February 09, 2018

In this unLEARNing adventure, I invite you to reconsider how you notice and acknowledge the gifts in your experiences with consolation and desolation. In any given moment we have the freedom to choose how we will respond and react to consolation (things

MOM #15 : Season 4 Begins
January 30, 2018

I'm back and recovering well as I adapt to the rhythms of thriving despite living with chronic pain from my car collision. Our focus this season is on living in the moment and compassion from the inside out. Join me as we decelerate together and unLEARN t

MOM #14 : Togetherness
December 15, 2017

In this unLEARNing adventure, I invite you to reconsider how you invite and cultivate togetherness within and without. Your child or your neighbor may have different approaches than you, but they desire belonging just like you. This is good to remember wh

MOM #13 : Dreams and Detours
December 08, 2017

Today, you're in my kitchen with my son and I eating cereal. In this unLEARNing adventure, I invite you to reconsider how to allow dreams to inspire us, no matter what, especially in the face of detours. I share about the profound perspective we can to se