Miseducation of Mom

Miseducation of Mom

MOM #22 : Gracism and Racism - Pentecost Shalom

May 19, 2018

In today’s mini-episode, we’re standing at the last day of counting the Omer day 49, this eve of Pentecost.

Join me as we decelerate together and unLEARN to learn. ReEducate your HEARt and courageously reThink.

In this episode, I refer to the soul care self-assessment. Feel free to download the Life Voices SOULutions Worksheet. Visit: http://bit.ly/lifevoices

Give yourself space to contemplate the life voices that primarily inform you... closest friends, mentors, theologians, authors, music.

Soul Care Gracism Checkpoint Guide For the Body of Christ

This checkpoint guide is adapted from many hours of research, pastoral care, and personal application over the years.

1. Awareness / Recognition
2. Listen / Immerse
3. Risk and Relationship
4. Risk and Structures

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