Miseducation of Mom

Miseducation of Mom

MOM #21 : Disruptive Grace | Everyday, Small Harvest | Pt 2

May 07, 2018

Welcome to today's count of Omer thirty-seven. We are in a new series, Everyday, Small Harvest. We are counting to honor the days leading up to Pentecost/Shavuot.

The Omer is a time of spiritual attunement and refinement. We are counting, just like the disciples... daring to trust, embrace, align, and wait for the coming harvest, as we bring in the small, everyday harvest of our inmost being. Let's allow the Holy Spirit to empower, nurture, and usher us into Jesus' Love story through His Love Letters for our reflection.

Join me as we decelerate together and unLEARN to learn. ReEducate your HEARt and courageously reThink.

Download the Omer counting guide and the Jonah meditation bookmark. Visit: http://bit.ly/mohawkmommablog

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