Miseducation of Mom

Miseducation of Mom

MOM #19 : Belovedness & Joy

March 07, 2018

Episode 19 is about looking at our belovedness in light of joy. Before we read and savor Matthew 3:17 in this Lectio Divina unLEARNing adventure, we will take an aerial view to get started and look at the context.

Verse seventeen acts as the hinge for the verses that precede and follow it. This door is leading us into communion. Both sides of this door, baptisms, and wilderness will give us greater insight into our belovedness, and it will open us up to look for grace in every square inch of our lives, whether in the wilderness or not.

Join me as we decelerate together and unLEARN to learn. ReEducate your HEARt and courageously reThink.

Download the Lectio Divina mini coloring devotional. Visit: http://bit.ly/springdevotional2018

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