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Episode 16: How To Sell As A Servant Leader
June 22, 2019

ABOUT THIS EPISODE: In this episode, James Rores, Founder and CEO of the Floriss Group and I discuss the personal and professional benefits of being a servant leader in sales versus a power leader. The results shared in this episode are amazing. Learn mor

Episode 15: Why The Marketing Qualified Lead is Dead
June 13, 2019

BIO: Rob Barnhart Sr. CX Strategist Rob Barnhart is a Senior Customer Experience Strategist with 15+ years in marketing leadership roles. Rob has developed and driven strategies and processes for b2b software companies including one of the leading America

Episode 14: How To Build Relationships That Net Results
June 04, 2019

BIO: Frank Agin, Founder and President of AmSpirit Business Connections Frank Agin's AmSpirit Business Connections is an organization that empowers entrepreneurs, sales representatives and professionals to become more successful through networking. 

Episode 13: How to Get The Most Out of Your B2B Webinars
May 27, 2019

BIO: Daniel Waas, Director of Marketing, @GoToWebinar Daniel Waas, is the Director of Marketing for GoToWebinar, a leading web events platform with more than 50,000 customers. He's a passionate B2B digital marketer and a black belt in webinars. Daniel and

Episode 12: The 11 Essentials of Leadership | Skill Three: Undivide Your Attention
May 18, 2019

In this next installment, Dennis Brouwer and I talk about undividing your attention, and he shares the keys to being able to listen to listen. This is truly a skill that will help you no matter what level or role you play in your business.  Dennis Br

Episode 11: The 11 Essentials of Leadership | Skill Two: Practice Your Moves Everyday
May 03, 2019

In this next installment, Dennis Brouwer and and I talk about an important leadership skill, and really a skill that will help you no matter what level or role you play in your business. You may also learn a bit about rock climbing. I know I did. I w

11 Essentials of Leadership | Skill One: Three Teams
April 15, 2019

In this episode, Dennis Brouwer, CEO of the Brouwer Group, and author of The Return on Leadership, Dennis shares the first concept and skill required to become an effective employee, manager and director, VP or C-Level executive. What could it be? Listen

Episode 09: How to Become a Proactive B2B Marketing Leader
April 11, 2019

BIO: Brandon Snyder, Director of Marketing HMB Brandon Snyder is a Columbus, OH, marketing consultant with a deep understanding (and admiration) for small businesses. Brandon is also the Director of Marketing for HMB, an information and technology servi

Episode 08: Insight Marketing vs. Content Marketing
April 04, 2019

GUEST BIO: Randy James  Co-Founder and VP, Client Services  Minds On – B2B Marketing and Sales Enablement Agency  Randy James is the Co-Founder and VP of Client Services at Minds On, Inc. with Offices in Columbus, Ohio and Chicago, Illi

Welcome and Overview of the Minds On B2B Podcast
January 26, 2019

WELCOME This is the first episode for the Minds On B2B podcast. This is a weekly show dedicated to helping B2B marketing and sales professionals learn from experienced peers to win more, lose less and succeed more often.  OUR AUDIENCE  Our audi