Military Homeschool Podcast

Military Homeschool Podcast

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Moving with Kids, Susan Miller Shares Hope and Encouragement
August 22, 2023

Moving with Kids Susan Miller Shares Hope and Encouragement - S2, E2 - Crystal chats with guest Susan Miller from Just Moved Ministry about the impact that moving has on the entire family and how mo

Kick Off Your Homeschool Year Right!
August 15, 2023

Kick O Your Homeschool Year Right! S2, E1 - Kick O Your Homeschool Year Right! Its that time of the year when kids and families are preparing to go back to homeschooling! Whether you are a year-ro

Replay | Making Space to Homeschool: Interview with Amber Smith
July 18, 2023

Episode #30- As military families, we move around a lot! And as a result, we must determine a new dedicated homeschooling area in each house or apartment we live in every few years. We may even find o

Replay – How to Prepare Your Homeschooled Teen for College
July 11, 2023

Military Education Services Coordinator, Kelly Robinson, shares tips and insight on preparing homeschool students for college so they can get the most out of their college experience!

Replay | Military Families: How to Choose the Right Curriculum and Homeschool Successfully
June 29, 2023

On todays episode, Crystal discusses factors to consider when making your homeschool curriculum decision and how you can successfully homeschool as a military family.

Replay | Balancing Military Life, Working from Home, and Homeschooling
June 12, 2023

For this episode of the Military Homeschool Podcast, military spouse, Conli McVey, joins Crystal Niehoff to discuss how she juggles military life and working from home while homeschooling.

Replay: Homeschool High School Transcripts
June 05, 2023

Episode #3- Homeschool High School Transcripts - On this episode, Lisa Nehring, Director of True North Homeschool Academy, joins Crystal Niehoff to discuss homeschool high school transcripts. - Lisa a

Tips for Marriage While Homeschooling
May 02, 2023

Tips for Marriage While Homeschooling - Episode #42 - Marriage tends to be placed on the back burner during the busy homeschool years. But you can balance your relationship with your husband while hom

Homeschool Schedule Vs. Routine
April 18, 2023

Homeschool Schedule Vs. Routine Homeschool Schedule Vs. Routine Episode #41 - In this episode, lets discuss how to determine the ideal way to plan your homeschool days to ensure success! - Homeschool

Homeschool HQ App
April 04, 2023

Homeschool HQ App - Homeschool HQ App. Episode #40 - Do you ever wish you could find all the homeschool resources you need all in one place? Look no further than the HomeschoolHQ App, created by a mil