JuvoHub - Property Management Podcast

JuvoHub - Property Management Podcast

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Steps for Better Communication
March 02, 2022

Episode 53 What are three common barriers to effective communication in the workplace? Is it all leadership’s fault, or should everyone share the responsibility? Join us as we discuss steps that every

Tips To Help Your Next Property Management Presentation
February 23, 2022

Episode 52 Public speaking doesn’t come naturally to everyone. For some, it can be downright terrifying. Jonathan and Mark, two veteran speakers and industry trainers, are back to share tips with you

How To Avoid Mystery Shops of Horrors
February 16, 2022

Episode 51 Like it or not, mystery shops are part of the property management industry. Mark and Jonathan are back to chat about Mark’s recent harrowing experience and, of course, share tips to help yo

Top 10 Expressions You Should Never Say to a Resident
February 02, 2022

Episode 50 We are taught to be friendly and inviting when talking with residents, but is there a line? Mark and Jonathan take us through the top ten expressions you should never say to a resident. Som

Carving Your Path in Property Management
February 02, 2022

Episode 49 Velda Simpson joins us to talk about the many different aspects that a property management career affords people. There are many avenues to choose from, and Velda shares how she helps new o

Water Cooler Talk That Is Just Plain Cold
January 19, 2022

Episode 48 Did you hear about it? Well, personally, I think…. How old is she? These questions can lead to water cooler talk that is just plain cold! Today’s lesson is all on what you should and should

What is JuvoHub?
January 12, 2022

Episode 47 Do you know what JuvoHub means? What about what it provides? Join Jonathan and Mark as they break down the what and the why that JuvoHub is to the property management community as well as w

How to Improve Student Engagement
January 05, 2022

Episode 46 Are you finding it challenging to keep your people engaged in learning? Are you the learner and are feeling burnt out or turned off? Join Mark and Jonathan as they break down the pain point

Serving as a Culture Ambassador – with Drew Williams
December 30, 2021

Episode 45 What is a culture ambassador? Why does it need to be more than just a buzz phrase? Drew Williams shares the secrets to propelling not only your career but being a positive force for the peo

Secrets to Longevity in Property Management – with Virginia Love
December 30, 2021

Episode 44 When you think about your career in property management, do you think about sustainability? What about passion? Virginia Love, an industry rock star, joins us to share her secrets to longev