JuvoHub - Property Management Podcast

JuvoHub - Property Management Podcast

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Learning and Development – Trends To Watch – Part 1
November 17, 2021

Episode 43 Training is an ongoing challenge that affects every person in the property management industry. Emerging technologies and ways of “doing business” further complicate things. Jonathan and Ma

Making Your Specials…Special!
November 03, 2021

Episode 42 Love them or hate them, specials and concessions are part of doing business in property management.  Rick Ellis, CPM, joins us to share how we all need to be making our specials…special! Ho

Collaborative Career Growth
October 20, 2021

Episode 41 This week we have the privilege to sit down with the guru of collaborative environments, Brent Williams. We talk about the need to network to ensure career growth and overall industry advan

From 0 – 60 in Property Management
October 06, 2021

Episode 40 How has property management changed over the years? In a word, a lot! We are joined by Debbie Nicholson, who shares how she went from 0 – 60 in her personal property management career. Host

From Trauma To Triumph
September 22, 2021

Episode 39 How can childhood trauma impact your career? Is it possible to go from trauma to triumph? Byrdy Kelley from Melan Property Management joins us to break down the stigma surrounding mental he

Technical Training – Evolve and Adapt
September 08, 2021

Episode 38 Fear of change is common. As a result, embracing new technologies can pose a challenge within the property management community. Mike Whaling joins us to discuss how a positive approach to

“Be A Person”! – Networking for Your Career Path
August 25, 2021

Episode 37 Networking is an essential part of the property management industry. It can directly impact your personal career path. Judy Bellack joins us to talk about how your approach to networking ca

Resilience in Property Management – Finish the Race
August 18, 2021

Episode 36 How would you define resilience? How can this quality help with your career in property management? Join us as we talk with industry expert Ed Buckley from Avenue 5, whose career has spanne

Employee Turnover – An Onsite Perspective
August 11, 2021

Episode 35 We all know that employee turnover is an ongoing problem within the property management community. We welcome back Kathy Woodard from Harbor Group and Mrs. Gamechanger to discuss her recent

Active Threat Mitigation in Property Management
August 04, 2021

Episode 34 It is not an easy conversation but a necessary one. Times require that all property management companies include training in active threat mitigation. Our guest, Mike Weller from Intelligen