PDF feed of Interpreter: A Journal of Latter-day Saint Faith and Scholarship

PDF feed of Interpreter: A Journal of Latter-day Saint Faith and Scholarship

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Lehi’s Dream, Nephi’s Blueprint: How Nephi Uses the Vision of the Tree of Life as an Outline for 1 and 2 Nephi
August 05, 2022

Abstract: This essay harnesses the late twentieth-century discovery of Hebrew rhetoric by Bible scholars to identify Lehi’s dream as the foundation of the carefully constructed unity in Nephi’s writin

The Body As the Temple of God
July 29, 2022

Abstract: Metaphors occur when there is a contradiction in the senses of the words used that cause the text to be interpreted non-literally, as Paul Ricoeur has noted. The Apostle Paul’s letter to the

Witnessing to the New Witness
July 29, 2022

Review of Robert A. Rees, A New Witness to the World (Salt Lake City: By Common Consent Press, 2020). 244 pages. $9.95 (paperback). Abstract: Robert A. Rees has written about the Book of Mormon for ov

Abridging the Records of the Zoramite Mission: Mormon as Historian
July 22, 2022

Abstract: Since the mid-twentieth century, scholarly studies of the literary craftsmanship of biblical texts have revealed considerable insights into the intended purposes of the authors of these scri

“This Great Mystery”: Gathering Still Other Sheep through the New Covenant of Peace
July 15, 2022

Abstract: The Book of Mormon sheds light on a “great mystery” located in John 10:16 (D&C 10:64). In this paper, using a comparative method that traces intersecting pastoral imagery, I argue that John 

Modern Near East Archaeology and the Brass Plates
July 08, 2022

Abstract: Contemporary Palestinian archaeology has produced two major threats to traditional interpretations of the history of ancient Israel. The first threat, which derives from scientific discomfor

Plural Marriage: Beauty for Ashes
July 01, 2022

Abstract: When Eliza R. Snow agreed to become one of Joseph Smith’s plural wives, she feared she would never be looked upon as a decent woman. Nevertheless, she accepted Joseph Smith’s proposal and ev

Jonathan Edwards’s Unique Role in an Imagined Church History
June 24, 2022

Review of Jonathan Neville, Infinite Goodness: Joseph Smith, Jonathan Edwards, and the Book of Mormon. Salt Lake City: Digital Legends Press, 2021. 339 pages. $22.99 (paperback). Abstract: This is the

An Unfortunate Approach to Joseph Smith’s Translation of Ancient Scripture
June 17, 2022

Review of Jonathan Neville, A Man That Can Translate: Joseph Smith and the Nephite Interpreters. Salt Lake City: Digital Legends Press, 2020. 385 pages. $22.99 (paperback). Abstract: This is the first

Contending without Contention
June 10, 2022

Abstract: “Think not,” said the Savior at Matthew 10:34, “that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.” And this has in fact been the case — too often literally, but c