PDF feed of Interpreter: A Journal of Latter-day Saint Faith and Scholarship

PDF feed of Interpreter: A Journal of Latter-day Saint Faith and Scholarship

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The Dance of Reader and Text: Salomé, the Daughter of Jared, and the Regal Dance of Death
June 02, 2023

Abstract: Modern readers too often and easily misread modern assumptions into ancient texts. One such notion is that when the reader encounters repeated stories in the Bible, the Book of Mormon, Herod

“In This Batter’d Caravanserai”
May 26, 2023

Abstract: In the Rubiyt of Omar Khayym, based upon verses composed by an eleventh-century Persian mathematician and astronomer, the English Victorian poet Edward FitzGerald eloquently portrays huma

Theosis in the Book of Mormon: The Work and Glory of the Father, Mother and Son, and Holy Ghost
May 19, 2023

Abstract: While some scholars have suggested that the doctrine of theosis the transformation of human beings into divine beings emerged only in Nauvoo, the essence of the doctrine was already pres

A Restoration of Paul’s Understanding of Faith as a Relationship of Action
May 12, 2023

Review of Brent J. Schmidt, Relational Faith: The Transformation and Restoration of Pistis as Knowledge, Trust, Confidence, and Covenantal Faithfulness (Provo, UT: BYU Studies, 2022). 356 pages, $21.9

A New and Most Welcome Resource for Book of Abraham Studies
May 12, 2023

Review of Stephen O. Smoot, John Gee, Kerry Muhlestein, and John S. Thompson, A Guide to the Book of Abraham, BYU Studies Quarterly 61, no. 4 (2022). 302 pages. Abstract: The new and special issue o

Understanding the Lamanite Mark
May 05, 2023

Abstract: The Book of Mormon describes a dark mark on the skin that distinguished people who rebelled against God and his laws from those who obeyed God. The Old Testament refers to a mark that fits t

“In the Cause … of their God”: Clarifying Some Issues Regarding the Book of Mormon and a Gospel View of War
April 28, 2023

Abstract: A recent effort to think about war concludes that the Book of Mormon displays two righteous approaches to conflict: a violent approach that is justified and therefore blessed; and a nonvio

Unavailable Genetic Evidence, Multiple Simultaneous Promised Lands, and Lamanites by Location? Possible Ramifications of the Book of Mormon Limited Geography Theory
April 21, 2023

Abstract: This paper is composed of three parts connected consecutively because their conclusions build upon each other. The first part investigates the transportation methods used in the Book of Morm

The Teachings of Silvanus: A Little-Known Gem from Nag Hammadi
April 14, 2023

Abstract: Scholars have recently suggested that The Teachings of Silvanus, a text from Nag Hammadi Codex VII, is the product of several authors with the earliest portion dating to the late first or ea

The Goodness of the Cross and Good Friday: Lessons from Bavaria
April 07, 2023

Abstract: It is natural to wonder how the day on which Jesus was crucified could come to be known as Good Friday. In this exploration of the topic, John Welch examines the many events which occurred o