PDF feed of Interpreter: A Journal of Latter-day Saint Faith and Scholarship

PDF feed of Interpreter: A Journal of Latter-day Saint Faith and Scholarship

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Twenty Years After “Paradigms Regained,” Part 1: The Ongoing, Plain, and Precious Significance of Margaret Barker’s Scholarship for Latter-day Saint Studies
November 18, 2022

Abstract: Twenty years ago, the Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies published Paradigms Regained: ASurvey of Margaret Barkers Scholarship and Its Significance for Mormon Studies as

When an Evident Fact Cannot Be Allowed to Be True
November 11, 2022

Abstract: Miracles occur relatively often in scripture, as do people who, for various reasons, want or even need to deny their occurrence. The arguments that are deployed to justify such denial haven

The Diachronic Usage of Exclamation Marks across the Major Book of Mormon Editions
November 04, 2022

Abstract: The usage of the exclamation mark has changed over time but continues to serve as an important textual interpretation aid. Punctuation itself has not been a permanent fixture in English, rat

A Research Note: Continuing Exploration and Research in Oman
October 28, 2022

Abstract: The significance of the ongoing studies into the potential location of the Old World Bountiful, which Nephi reminds us was prepared of the Lord (1 Nephi 17:5), and is documented in great

A Backstory for the Brass Plates
October 21, 2022

Abstract: This paper brings contemporary Ancient Near East (ANE) scholarship in several fields together with the ancient scriptures restored through Joseph Smith to construct a new starting point for

A Rejoinder to Jonathan Neville’s “Response to Recent Reviews”
October 14, 2022

Abstract: Jonathan Neville has offered a response to my two recent reviews of his works; however, in his response, Neville offers a poor defense regarding what he wrote and misrepresents my reviews of

A Man That Can Translate and Infinite Goodness: A Response to Recent Reviews
October 14, 2022

Abstract: Since 1829, various theories about the production of the Book of Mormon have been proposed. Modern scholarship has moved away from the idea that Joseph Smith actually translated ancient engr

“Unto the Taking Away of Their Stumbling Blocks”: The Taking Away and Keeping Back of Plain and Precious Things and Their Restoration in 1 Nephi 13–15
October 07, 2022

Abstract: In the latter part (1Nephi1314) of his vision of the tree of life (1Nephi1114), Nephi is shown the unauthorized human diminution of scripture and the gospel by the Gentile great and a

Understanding How the Scriptures Came to Be
September 30, 2022

Review of MichaelR.Ash, Rethinking Revelation and the Human Element in Scripture: The Prophets Role as Creative Co-Author (Redding, CA: FAIRLatterDaySaints.org, 2021). 770 pages. $34.95 (paperback)

The Last Nephite Scribes
September 30, 2022

Abstract In an earlier paper, Iconcluded that Lehi and Nephi were highly trained Josephite scribes and were associated with an official Jerusalem scribal school that preserved ancient Manassite tradi