PDF feed of Interpreter: A Journal of Latter-day Saint Faith and Scholarship

PDF feed of Interpreter: A Journal of Latter-day Saint Faith and Scholarship

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Centered on Christ: The Book of Enos Possibly Structured Chiastically
September 29, 2023

Abstract: The book of Enos is considered to be a short, one-chapter treatise on prayer, yet it is more. Close examination of its text reveals it to be a text structurally centered on Christ and the di

“Behold, He Was a Man Like unto Ammon”: Mormon’s Use of ʾmn-related Terminology in Praise of Moroni in Alma 48
September 29, 2023

Abstract: This article examines Mormons comparison of Moroni, the Nephite military leader, to Ammon, the son of Mosiah, in Alma 48:18 and how Mormons use and repetition of mn-related terminology (

Mormon’s Narrative Strategies to Provide Literary Justice for Gideon
September 22, 2023

Abstract: Although unable to write more than a hundredth part of his peoples history, Mormon seemingly found the time and plate-space to deliver literary justice on behalf of Gideon, who suffered a m

Witness of the Covenant
September 15, 2023

Abstract: Although much has been taught about covenants in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, little attention has been given to the witnesses of those covenants. In this paper I focus o

Turning Type into Pi: The Destruction of the Nauvoo Expositor in Historical Context
September 08, 2023

Abstract: The destruction of the Nauvoo Expositor has been portrayed as an event that stands out as a unique act where Joseph Smith and the Nauvoo City Council suppressed free speech. However, rather

Joseph Smith at the Veil: Significant Ritual, Symbolism, and Temple Influence at Latter-day Saint Beginnings
September 01, 2023

Abstract: The prophet Joseph Smith was paced through a life steeped in ritual and symbolism. Notable things Joseph did or experienced under angelic guidance may be seen as ritual procedures that may r

“A Mystery to the World”: A New Proposal for Isaiah 22:20-25
August 25, 2023

Abstract: Isaiahs oracle in Isaiah 22 regarding a man named Eliakim employs significant and unique language regarding a nail in a sure place. This language is accompanied by clear connections to th

Sacred Imaginings: Using AI to Construct Temples
August 18, 2023

Review of Jeffrey Thayne and Nathan Richardson, Temples of the Imagination: AI-Generated Temples, Human-Generated Insights (Provo, UT: The Interpreter Foundation, Verdant Press, and Eborn Books, 2023)

“Upon the Wings of His Spirit”: A Note on Hebrew rûaḥ and 2 Nephi 4:25
August 18, 2023

Abstract: Nephi, in composing his psalm (2 Nephi 4:1535), incorporates a poetic idiom from Psalm 18:10 (2 Samuel 22:11) and Psalm 104:3 to describe his participation in a form of divine travel. This

Withstanding Satan’s Siege through Christ’s Iron Rod: The Vision of the Tree of Life in Context of Ancient Siege Warfare
August 11, 2023

Abstract: Nothing was more terrifying in the ancient world than asiege. Besiegers disregarded normal conventions of war and either utterly slaughtered or enslaved a citys residents. Nephi used siege