Inspired by Failure

Inspired by Failure

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EMPAD by Kayla Nguyen
October 26, 2019

A highly-efficient detector for the electron microscope

Portal Entryways by Josh Horne
September 22, 2019

A wireless device that opens disabled-accessible doors.

Anaerobic Digester by Enid Partika
September 01, 2019

A system that turns food waste into energy with flexibility and scalability

Micro Electric Turbine System by Christopher Bean
July 30, 2019

Utilizing the flow of gas

AI-Powered Video Editing by Jack Chernov
July 30, 2019

Focused on one of the most popular types of videos in the world

Aclarity by Julie Bliss Mullen
June 12, 2019

Water purification technology which scales

Acoustic Wells by Sebastien Mannai
June 12, 2019

Plug n Play device for Oil Well Pumping

Founders Space by Steve Hoffman
May 05, 2019

Inventor vs Innovator vs Entrepreneur

Sticky Pesticide by Maher Damak
April 20, 2019

Massive cost reduction for farmers

Libsonic by Bill Cox
March 24, 2019

Speech speed control